Retirement Services llc. was created as a way to ensure that retirees could keep their money safe and not play the up and down cyclical games of the market. It’s founder, Allan Densmore, tired of not being allowed by State Financial Regulators of divulging pertinent information that would allow investors to know the truths about the financial industry, decided it was time to let go of all of his licenses, completely downsize and truly work for those investors that wanted their money to be safe.

“I couldn’t stand by and listen to new clients repeat the same old rhetoric that their previous advisors were telling them, “Everyone loses money.” It just wasn’t and isn’t true.”

So, Retirement Services llc. was born in 2011. Its mission: To make sure retirees understand that they are not looking for a large Return on Investment, but instead, are looking for a Reliability of Income through safe investments backed by a strong collateral position or a top rated insurance company.

“If your broker has your money in the market when you’re near, or in full on retirement, then they’re rolling the dice…that is not a safe investment. Get out now!”

Retirement Services llc. has no large offices and doesn’t market by inviting clients to a pitch session at a local restaurant. The two principles, Allan Densmore and Jeff Scott, keep it simple and low key… “We only work with clients that are done with risking their money in the market. If our products can’t beat anything they’re using presently, then we tell them to not work with us. It’s that simple…we want our clients to have safer money and retire with peace in mind.”